Deadbolt Security will give you peace of mind... Never wake up with the IT "cold sweats" in the middle of the night again! We'll give you the peaceful night's sleep you deserve. Your dreams will all be sweet since you'll know that your IT network, software, and data are in safe, capable hands... We'll monitor ALL your systems 24-7!

Domain Control Secure Certificate Center
Purchase your piece of The World and purchase your domains here. Secure Certificates both encrypt data providing for safe and secure transaction and they assure your web visitors that you are who you say you are.
why choose us

Deadbolt Security has been serving the Denver Metro area since 1995.

We have a client base that consists of small workgroups of 7-10 people as well as companies with several hundred workstations.

Many of our customers are not large enough to have their own support staff and rely on us to act as their "IT Department".

We provide them with knowledgeable information on Network, Telephony and Computing technologies.


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