Kevin Ericson - Owner/Lead Security Engineer
Kevin brings 31 years of IT hardware, networking, architecture, security, and IT sales experience to Deadbolt Security...
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About Deadbolt

We have a client base that consists of small workgroups of 7-10 people as well as companies with several hundred workstations. Many of our customers are not large enough to have their own support staff and rely on us to act as their "IT Department". We provide them with knowledgeable information on Network, Telephony and Computing technologies.


"... Our data center was literally drowning in wiring, Kevin traced network problems literally by the pound until we finally had a well managed network ..." Todd Walsh - CareerTrack

"... Kevin knew everything it took to turn my to a full blown ISP... routers, web and email servers... he knew it all..."
Tom Lorinczi - IWIC Internet